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Bottle-free Water Coolers

Fresh Thinking… For Fresh Water In Your Office.

Welcome to the future of drinking water with our Bottle-Free Water Cooler. With advanced filtration, an energy-efficient design, and a modern aesthetic that complements any office decor, our technology eliminates the hassle and waste of traditional coolers, with no heavy bottles to lift or store. It’s a powerful way to improve your team’s health and reduce your environmental impact while accessing clean, better than bottle quality, and delicious water anytime.

The Bottle-Free Water Cooler offers unbeatable convenience and reliability. It features a touchscreen display with temperature control, hot and cold water dispensing, and a sleek modern design. This energy-saving, self-cleaning technology can also help reduce your plastic waste and bottled water expenses, so you can save money while being more eco-friendly.

Take your water-drinking experience to the next level with our Bottle-Free Water Cooler. Get your free consultation today to see how you can benefit from a modern water solution that is designed to meet your specific needs and save you time and energy. Let our team of experts show you the benefits of clean, fresh water that you can have on demand with this revolutionary product. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and your health.

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How does it work?
The coolers are attached to any existing cold water line in your office. This can be done without any permanent modifications to your fixtures and without shutting off the water to the building or office. Then the water is filtered using more advanced technology than even bottled water plants use, but on a smaller scale.
Why is bottle-less water better than bottled?
There are many benefits, but the primary reasons are:
  1. Less money: our BottleLESS systems are less expensive than purchasing bottled water
  2. Safer: stop lifting 40+ pound bottled water jugs and decrease workman’s comp issues
  3. Healthier: with our UV disinfection system
  4. Sustainability: we don’t have to deliver on a big diesel truck, or fill up landfills with old jugs
  5. Convenience: never run out of water!
  6. Equipment appearance and cleanliness: no bacteria to grow in the reservoir
How does it taste?
It’s as good as water can get. Our filtration process ensures that no matter what water you start with, our machine will produce the highest-quality water possible. We guarantee you’ll love the taste, and that it’s the healthiest water you can drink.
How much does it cost?
You’ll pay one low, flat monthly rate that includes free installation, free repairs, free filter changes, and flexible terms. The cost depends on the number of water drinkers (water consumption), traffic, installation requirements, a variety of other factors, though most of the time our rate is lower than a traditional bottle system. Please contact us today for a no obligation quote to get started, or calculate our savings over bottled water.
What if there's not a water source close by?
Nearly every building has a water source close enough for our water coolers. We can install our coolers if there’s a source within 1000 feet of the desired location.
What happens if my company grows or moves?
If you grow, it’s always easy to add more units. If you move, we’ll be happy to move your unit to the new location.
What are the environmental impacts?

Minimal. Wellsys is a very environmentally friendly solution to pure water. There is virtually no waste with our systems. Single-serve bottles add tons of material to the waste stream, and contrary to popular belief, this material cannot be used again for bottled water or food products.

Furthermore, we don’t deliver our systems with large commercial diesel trucks. By having an Aquasense water cooler, you can do your part to help the environment by reducing the number of diesel truck deliveries and non-biodegradeable plastic in our landfills.

Can you hook up our coffee machine to the water?
Yes. Want better tasting coffee? In most cases we can easily hook up your coffee machine to our filter free of charge.
Is purified water beneficial to my health?
The water and air of today’s world is filled with various chemicals and minerals that can potentially be toxic for your body. Our bodies are comprised of 72% water. When taking a look at the functions of our blood, brain and central nervous system, we find that it is contaminated water that leads to negative effects in our health. When chemicals and toxic minerals are allowed to enter the body, they can slow or even stop the processes of the brain and heart, dramatically affecting the body’s ability to function correctly. Experts now believe that it may be these very toxins in our body creating distortions throughout our nervous system that may be the roots of disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression. Considering the vital role that water plays in our brain and nervous system, water quality is the most basic and essential key to a healthful life and longevity.